Passport Reader CR100M [MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader ]

Passport Reader CR100M MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader    Efficient and easy-to-use readers in a small footprint The Gemalto MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M offers: The ability to read codeline data from passports, IDs and other Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) The ability to read three-track magnetic cards Simple hand-swipe operation, requiring minimal operator training Fast, […]

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Beacon Card

Beacon Card Features Programmed MiniBeacon standard firmware Powered by Lithium polymer battery The max. 100 meters advertising distance Ultra-low power consumption chipset DA14580 with ARM core Easy to print the logo on the waterproof case   Specification Compatibility: Supported ios 7.0+, android 4.3+, apple iBeacon™ standard, bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) devices Battery Lifetime: 24 months, real […]

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ACR122U for Mifare UID 10 Digit

  ACR122U for Mifare UID 10 Digit    เครื่องอ่านบัตร Mifare Card พร้อมซอฟต์แวร์สำหรับอ่าน UID (CSN : Chip Serial Number) 10 หลัก อ่านข้อมูล UID ของบัตร Mifare 10 หลักและนำไปใช้ด้วยวิธีส่งข้อมูลแบบ Keyboard Wedge อ่านข้อมูล UID ของบัตร Mifare 10 หลักและนำไปใช้ด้วยวิธีส่งข้อมูลแบบ Copy and Paste ซอฟต์แวร์รองรับการทำงานบน .Net Framework 4.0 ขึ้นไป จำหน่ายเครื่องอ่านบัตรพร้อมซอฟต์แวร์ในราคา 2,700 บาท (ไม่รวม VAT 7%)

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ACR122U NFC Reader

ACR122U NFC Reader The ACR122U NFC Reader is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer developed based on 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology. Compliant with the ISO/IEC18092 standard for Near Field Communication (NFC), it supports not only MIFARE® and ISO 14443 A and B cards, but also all four types of NFC tags. ACR122U is compliant […]

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Passport Reader Wintone – PSPR4200

Passport Reader Wintone – PSPR4200 (e-Passport Version) PSPR4200(I) 1) ICAO Doc 9303 specification (Part1-4). 2) OCR processing. 3) 1D & 2D barcode reading. 4) RFID reading (ID card and e-Passport); 5) Illumination: Visible, IR. 6) Sensor: CMOS 3.0 Megapixels. 7) Resolution: 400DPI. 8) Providing Software development kit. 9) Designed for OEM integration & optimized for […]

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Passport Reader Kiosk Model KR160

Passport Reader Kiosk Model KR160 Kiosk passport reader is designed based on the the situation where more people pays more attention to improving working efficiency on the daily basis and self-service kiosks have been used in the process of identity registration and management in many areas such as banks, airports, hotels and other places. Specification […]

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