Beacon Card

Internet of Things (IoT) Product

Beacon Card

Beacon Card


Programmed MiniBeacon standard firmware

Powered by Lithium polymer battery

The max. 100 meters advertising distance

Ultra-low power consumption chipset DA14580 with ARM core

Easy to print the logo on the waterproof case



Compatibility: Supported ios 7.0+, android 4.3+, apple iBeacon™ standard, bluetooth 5.0 (BLE) devices

Battery Lifetime: 24 months, real time battery level notification

Configurable Parameters: UUID, major, minor, device name, password etc., special configuration APP

Transmission Power Levels: Default setting, 0dBm

Transmission Power Range: -30dBm to +4dBm

Soft Reboot: Reboot the device via command without any tools

Connection Mode: Advertising mode, non connectable, configuration mode, connectable

Mounting: 3M brand adhesive for direct mounting to wall


Case Color: White, can be customized

Battery Model: Lithium polymer battery, 1pc x 3.7V

Operation Voltage: 1.8-3.9V

Transmission Current: 4.5mA (Max.)

Transmission Range: Maximum 100 meters

Antenna: 50ohm, on board/PCB Antenna

Accessories: Double adhesive

Net Weight: 18.0g, with battery

Size: 90 x 60 x 4 mm

Beacon Card